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JF2000 Tape Lift Sampling Kits



Developed by SGS Forensic Laboratories, the JF2000 Sampling Kits are a unique and innovative approach to mold/particulate sampling and analysis. The JF2000 Sampling Kits contain two or five ready-for-use microscope slides prepared with a specially formulated transparent tape used to assist industrial hygienists in effectively identifying mold and dust components during an IAQ evaluation survey.

Features of the Sampling Kit

  • Low birefringence when being analyzed by polarized light microscopy allows for better analytical data
  • Ease-of-use allows the kit to be used quickly and efficiently almost anywhere
  • The high transfer rate from sampling area to tape creates nearly a perfect snapshot of the desired sampling area
  • Ability to perform further characterization by scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spectroscopy

Instructions For Use

  1. Simply peel back the tape from the microscope slide by lifting the white pull-tab, but leave 1/4" of the tape attached to the slide if possible. Apply the adhesive side of the tape to the desired surface from which you would like the particulate to be characterized. Do not apply to very hot or cold surfaces. Once the sample has been taken, slowly pull the tape off of the surface you have tested and attach it back to the microscope slide. The sample is now ready for analysis.
  2. Each tape lift kit contains five individual test slides.
  3. Payment is required prior to releasing results to you. This can be accomplished by sending a check payable to Forensic Analytical Laboratories for the cost of analysis. Money orders and Visa or MasterCard are accepted as well.
  4. The results of the analysis will be available to you at the end of five business days following the receipt of your sample(s). Please include a phone number where you can be reached during normal business hours and an address where you would like your final report to be mailed. There is a space for this information on the Analysis Request Form, which has been included with the tape-lift kit. If there is a fax number or e-mail address that you would like the results to be sent to, please include that information as well.
  5. Please sign the first box at the bottom of the Analysis Request Form where it asks for Relinquished by: and include the date and time.


The JF2000 Sampling Kit includes either a microbial or particulate analysis request form depending on the type of testing you are doing. It also includes instructions and is available in two or five slides. The 2-slide kit is available for $6.00 and the 5-slide kit is available for $10.00. Typical samples require one hour to analyze and report. Most results are reported within 3 days. Please call the laboratory for analysis pricing or any additional information at (510) 887-8828.

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