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Bed Bugs

What Do The Results Mean?

Bed Bug DNA Detection can only tell you whether bed bug DNA is present or absent in a sample. It can't tell you whether there is an active infestation. It can only tell you whether bed bugs have been present in the area you vacuumed or swabbed, either currently or historically.

Positive Result: If bed bug DNA is detected, it indicates that bed bugs have been present in the room. The California Department of Public Health recommends that property owners hire a pest control professional licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Structural Pest Control Board to evaluate the infestation and to exterminate if necessary.

Negative result: If bed bug DNA is not detected, it means that no bed bug DNA was present in the sample you submitted. SGS Forensic Laboratories cannot guarantee that no bed bugs exist in adjacent rooms or in areas that you did not sample.

Bed Bug DNA Detection is an excellent first screening tool to detect hidden or newly emerging bed bug infestations. It's also a valuable tool to determine if a bed bug infestation is occurring and/or in conjunction with the services of a pest control professional.